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25 - Monday 24th July - Bristol.

Overcast and a bit blowy all day (certainly NOT Severn Estuary narrowboating weather!)

We did not actually go any where today! (Well Linda did actually take a speedy trip round the floating harbour - why does EVERYONE go flat out around here?) Linda had difficulty in paying Mooring dues for two nights here, I would have got away without paying! We went for a Floating Harbour walkabout in morning and showed Linda the Vodafone graving dock, just outside entrance to Floating harbour. After this we separated......Well only for the afternoon. Linda and Wendy went to the new interactive @ centre, it had only been opened a few days. One of the interactive thingys was a sweat detector gauge. Linda saw pictures of semi naked men etc, but the one thing that got her sweating was a picture of the Severn rushing passed the Shoots! (no seriously it was the roller coater ride - she is terrified of these.) Alan, Neil and Peter went over SS Great Britain and Industrial museum. People who were about at our arrival and saw the "Galleon" that nearly mowed us down will be pleased to know that it was the Mathew, it has a hidden 200bhp Caterpillar diesel, with hydraulic drive. Neil then went into Force 4 chandlery and bought a GPS. Andrew G will be pleased to know that it has not got a "babe magnet" antennae, in fact it has not got one visible at all. It has got the maps and you can connect it with PC and down load maps and stuff into data cartridge. I have now actually figured out how to switch it on! I also cleared out Jessops of most of their Mini DV tapes, so TNC / prospective members can now look forward to at least 15 hours of video!!!!!!! (come on Julian E, it is about time you finished watching last years!) 
This evening was a strange occurrence, we ate in! After this I found a convenient manhole and did a serious self pump out, with a good few flush outs. Members who experienced / heard about "The pipe" incident will be glad to know that there were no more mishaps!!! I saw posting about K&A being poorly between Greenham and Ham locks. Canal phone said this will be done by 25th? Any way as you can see, for once we are not in a hurry, though Linda does want to leave early tomorrow. We will probably now catch up with the newsgroup reading crew of Lemehocl (what does this mean /stand for?) People who are concerned about my state of mind after recent mishaps will be pleased to know that a) rudder shaft is now probably straighter than it was after last years skeg bouncing Chesterfield incident, b) The WWW is now firmly in control, c) The top bearing is not damaged as I took Ray's advice and only had the Allen key grub screws that holds it onto the shaft done up loose and d) I am feeling particularly smug about straightening it, especially having a large audience (fortunately this did not include BW, who would probably been alarmed at seeing their balance beam waggling about! There was a BW sign out side the Hilton Hotel opposite asking boater's to keep noise to the minimum, well we did try to.....honest!

The Tour continues....

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