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26 - Tuesday 25th July - Bristol to Dundas. Bristol Avon and Kennet and Avon Canal.

Weather - dull and overcast all day. Got very humid in afternoon and brightens up a bit.

Linda left on her own at 7.55. Neil was the last to get up, makes a change! Alan starts to make toast - bl**dy Travelpower n/w again! Neil now begins to loose his cool, he has enough hassle for a while. Yet more fuses made up, Neil thinks there is an earth fault, so disconnects them all. Travel power now works all day. It will probably decide to blow a fuse again tomorrow! We share most of Avon locks, reasonable run up to Bath. Linda wants to go up to Pulteney Weir, on way up we pass Mucky Duck waiting for Bath Bottom lock (14.35). At 15.00 we are in Bath Bottom Lock sharing with Mucky Duck. The Deep Lock is being fiddled  with by BW. Work boat now stuck in lock with large tower. Linda investigates. They say they should be about an hour as they are fitting patching up boards as gates leak so badly. We wait in filled Lock No 1. Neil washes boat and windows an chats with Mucky Duck crew. Their boat is moored at Hilperton Marina. Neil finds out diesel is reasonable (24p/l). Eventually we get into the Deep Lock at 16.15. No one else comes down the flight and we get out the top at 17.00. We soon overtake Mucky Duck as they stop to talk to friends. Eventually stop at 18.55, just below Dundas Aqueduct. Neil spent end of journey touching up boat, especially rudder bearing and chips inside cockpits made by all those bl**dy pavoirs. That night we walk up canal and road to the Viaduct Inn. This is a slightly tatty Ushers joint. The landlord was new and the food OK. The beer chosen was Flowers, it seemed particularly weak, more like shandy!

We go past the entrance to The Kennet and Avon Canal and head up to Pulteney Weir. Bristol River Avon. 

Rail bridge. Heading up to Pulteney Weir. Bristol River Avon. 

We pass Mucky Duck who was heading back up the K&A. Bristol River Avon. 

North Parade Road Bridge. Notice the new parapet to the right. There was the unfortunate car accident here earlier in the year, resulting in the death of a pedestrian. Heading up to Pulteney Weir. Bristol River Avon. 

Visitor Moorings and Pulteney Weir. Bristol River Avon. 

Pulteney Weir. Bristol River Avon. 

Pulteney Weir. Bristol River Avon. 

Looking back from Pulteney Weir. Bristol River Avon. 

The Viaduct Inn, our venue for the evening. Dundas. Kennet and Avon Canal.

The Tour continues....

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