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6. Sowerby Bridge to Selby, Calder & Hebble, inc. Huddersfield Broad Canal , Aire & Calder Navigations, River Aire and Selby Canal.

Sunday 6th of July saw us say good-bye to Ian Clarke, who now could contemplate a proper T.N.C. canal holiday. John Fleming and his brother Paul were itching to get off as we had promised them some new and interesting locks, so we left immediately after Ian had left, at 8.55. At the top of Salterhebble Locks we picked up some traffic so we decided to venture up the branch to the basin. At 9.40, when we got back the last single boat was entering the lock so we conveniently paired up with "Wings of the Morning". We stayed paired up until 13.50 at Cooper Bridge Junction, where we left the Calder and Hebble, to go up the Huddersfield Broad. At 16.05 we arrived at Apsley Basin. The locks on this canal all worked fine, but the canal was not particularly deep. On the approach to Huddersfield much junk was encountered in bridge holes. 

We decided to brave the first small open section of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal, hopefully getting through the first restored lock. We knew there was no winding point after this lock, so we decided after having negotiated the new narrow tunnel under the roundabout to wind and reverse up. Beyond the tunnel the canal is silted up through lack of use, one Narrowboat had braved this bit and was moored up, watching our dredging / winding operation. Upon reaching the first lock we were disappointed to find it was impassable due to stop planks and the amount of rubbish the locals had thrown in the chamber. "Beatty" was moored up and we walked up to see the "Factory" obstruction. The Polytechnic had expanded into an old mill and their sewer obstruction had been re-routed on a new footbridge. Beyond this is one more un-restored lock before the obstruction. Through the next bridge an extension to a working factory in an old mill had completely obliterated the canal its water just passing through a small pipe. We do not know what the restoration plans are for this blockage, but as a lot of restored canal is deteriorating beyond, surely a "Tuel Lane" type connection is needed here next. We retraced our steps leaving at 16.35, and coming off the "Broad" at 18.30. Julian was going to cook a meal so we stopped in the open at 19.30, just above Shepley Bridge Marina.

Monday 7th July saw us start at 8.00, still retracing our steps back to Selby for another assault on the tidal River Ouse. We passed Castleford Junction at 14.25, Bank Dole Junction at 15.55, West Haddersley at 17.50 and arrived in Selby Basin at 19.25. Early on in the day Neil had phoned Naburn, they said it was safe to go up, the level though still up, was falling. The passage was booked, the Selby lock keeper telling us to sidle up to the lock at 9.30. That night we went out for an OK sort of Indian meal, which was slightly on the chilli hot side.

Sowerby Bridge Basin, Calder and Hebble Navigation.

"The Moorings" pub in the No1 Warehouse. Sowerby Bridge Basin, Calder and Hebble Navigation.

"Corrina" a River Thames based David Piper boat we shared an exceptionally fast run down the river Thames from Lechlade. Seen in Sowerby Bridge Basin, Calder and Hebble Navigation.

Sowerby Bridge Basin, Calder and Hebble Navigation.

Sowerby Bridge Basin, Calder and Hebble Navigation.

The "Java" Indonesian restaurant. Sowerby Bridge Basin, Calder and Hebble Navigation.

Huddersfield Broad Canal, Cooper Bridge Lock No1. Entering from the river Calder.

Huddersfield Broad Canal, Cooper Bridge Lock No 1.

Huddersfield Broad Canal, Lock No2.

Lock No3. Huddersfield Broad Canal.

Leaving Lock No3. Huddersfield Broad Canal.

Lock No5. Huddersfield Broad Canal.

Leaving Lock No7. Huddersfield Broad Canal.

Lock No8. Huddersfield Broad Canal.

Leaving Top Lock No9. Huddersfield Broad Canal.

No3 in an occasional series of council incinerator images!

The bloody sharp approach......

......and exit from The A62 bridge. The Tesco trolley was not picked up by us, but there was still a lot of crud in the bridge 'ole. Huddersfield Broad Canal.

The final straight up to Huddersfield.

Turnbridge Loco Lift Bridge. Huddersfield, Huddersfield Broad Canal.

Turnbridge Loco Lift Bridge.

The pathetically shallow Sainsbury's moorings. Huddersfield, Huddersfield Broad Canal.

Aspley Basin.

Aspley Basin.

"The Aspley" Big Steak, Aspley Basin. Huddersfield, Huddersfield Broad Canal.

Reversing back up the stub of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal. The new narrow road bridge out of Aspley Basin is in the distance. Notice...Another BOAT!

We have just ground a way passed the Polytechnic main Building. Huddersfield Narrow Canal, Huddersfield.

Lock 1E, Huddersfield Narrow Canal. It had stop planks in and it was full of rubbish.

Above Lock 1E. The polytechnic has expanded into these old mill buildings.

Above Lock 1W. The polytechnic has expanded into these old mill buildings.

Lock 2E Huddersfield Narrow Canal, Huddersfield.

The extension to Bate's Mill, just beyond Queen's Street South Bridge. This is what we call an obstruction!

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