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7. Selby to York, Tidal River Ouse, River Ouse.

The weather had certainly improved when we woke up on Wednesday the 9th of July and we went up to the lock at 9.30. At 9.45 we shot out into the tidal River Ouse accompanied by a cruiser. The flood was certainly having some effect now and we shot under Selby Rail, then Road Swing Bridges. The cruiser had decided to follow us because we were not hanging around and we forged a passage through the large amount of floating "crap" in the river. Just before Cawood Swing Bridge the flood was beginning to slow and the cruiser overtook us. The effect of the flood was not felt above Moreby Ings, at this point we met three Narrowboats going downstream. 
We made Naburn Large Lock at 11.45 ( The small being out of commission at the moment ), the cruiser having just entered, preparing the lock for us. We asked the Locky if we pay for and pick up the Linton Lock key here as we had been advised. he replied that this had not been the case for a few years and that we get the key from the shop cum caravan site beside the lock. After telling the Locky that we would be back in a few days, we left at 12.05. The non-tidal Ouse was still moving quite a bit and we had a slog up to York, arriving at the end of the Scarborough Railway Bridge moorings at 13.20. This end of the moorings has no mooring rings so we followed the lead of the other 4 Narrowboats behind and banged our large mooring pins into joints in the concrete with our standard sledge hammer. 
Neil was not happy with this, he normally likes to chain and padlock the boat to a mooring ring on rivers in towns ( Obviously using a long slack chain, in case the level changes.) You can not be to careful with yobs about. Unable to do this, Neil did the next best thing and chucked the anchor over board. We all legged it across the footbridge beside Scarborough rail bridge and went to visit the National Railway Museum. In the evening we went to a very nice French Bistro in the centre of town.

Leaving Selby Lock. Tidal River Ouse.

Looking up river at Selby Rail Swing Bridge. Telephoto shot as we were leaving.

Selby Rail Swing Bridge. Tidal River Ouse.

Selby Road Swing Bridge.

Laid up barges just upstream from Selby Turn.

We are not the only thing that the flood tide is wafting up! Turn Head, Tidal River Ouse.

The entrance to the River Wharfe.

Cawood Road Swing Bridge. Tidal River Ouse.

Naburn Locks and weir. River Ouse.

Arriving at Naburn Locks. Small lock to right is out of order at the moment.

Captain Arlidge watches Naburn bottom gates slam shut.

Chatting to Naburn Locky.

About to exit Naburn lock. This frame grabbed from Julian's video, he has superimposed a Ripon Motor Boat Club pennant!

Under the disused Naburn railway bridge.

What a change in weather!

The Palace, Bishopthorpe. River Ouse.

The Palace, Bishopthorpe.

York, entrance to River Foss.

Telephoto shot of Skeldergate and Ouse Bridges, York. River Ouse.



York, Ouse Bridge and Town Quay.

The Town Quay on the way back! York. River Ouse.

Looking up at Lendal Bridge.

We are burned off by a trip boat. York. River Ouse.

Lendal Bridge. York. River Ouse.

View downstream from Scarborough Railway Bridge. York. River Ouse.

Scarborough Railway Bridge and our moorings. York. River Ouse.

Our moorings in York, just below Scarborough Rail Bridge. River Ouse.

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