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Tour 2005

The Witham Navigable Drains

Map of the Witham Navigable Drains 

1 - Witham Navigable Drains, Western side.

2 - Witham Navigable Drains, Eastern side

3 - Witham Navigable Drains, the disused locks.

The River Severn above Stourport

The River Severn between Stourport and Bewdley By-Pass Bridge

Bugsworth Basins

The Upper Peak Forest Canal, Bugsworth Basins and entrance canal.

Froghall Basin

The Caldon Canal / Uttoxeter Canal. Uttoxeter Canal Lock No 1 and Froghall Basin.

The River Trent in Nottingham and getting stuck on the Tidal Trent!

The River Trent above Trent Bridge and getting stuck on the Tidal Trent - on Normanton Sands!

The Wendover Arm extension

The Grand Union Wendover Arm extension above Little Tring  Bridge.

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