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The River Severn above Stourport 

An attempt up the River Severn beyond Stourport in early 2005, after some prolonged rain. We got to just within sight of the Bewdley By-pass Bridge.

Heading upstream under Stourport Bridge.

Looking back at the last moorings.

Gladder Brook, the end of BW's jurisdiction.

Not the end of navigation! The end of BW controlled navigation.

The River Severn by Lickhill Manor. Just before this there were some shoals 3ft below the water surface.

Ribbesford Woods.

Approaching Ribbesford the flow increases and the depth goes down to around 3.5ft.

Ribbesford, with the flow now quite strong and the depth down to under 3ft we call it a day. After crabbing from side to side across the river, checking depth we go for the rather high speed wind! Bewdley By-pass Bridge is just round the corner.

Having nearly completed our wind, we head off downstream. Due to taking it VERY easy on the way up and a fair flow on the river (one hour) the return journey is somewhat shorter (25 minutes).

The mobile homes in Lickhill Manor grounds.

PICT1261.JPG (62721 bytes)
Another downpour before Stourport.

PICT1262.JPG (80631 bytes)
Approaching Gladder Brook.

PICT1265.JPG (156442 bytes)
View across to Gladder Brook.

PICT1269.JPG (92555 bytes)
Back to Stourport Bridge.

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