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Tour 2001


Thames Estuary, Medway, Swale, Thames Estuary, Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation, Thames Estuary and Tidal Thames to Brentford

1- Harefield to Limehouse, via Grand Union. Paddington Arm, Regents Canal, Hertford Union, River Lee, Bow Back Rivers, Limehouse Cut

2- Limehouse Cut to Bow Lock. Tidal Thames, Estuary and Tidal Medway to Allington Lock.

3- Non Tidal River Medway to Tonbridge and back to Allington.

4- Medway Estuary, Swale and Faversham Creek to Faversham.

5- Faversham Creek, including Oare Creek, Swale, Thames Estuary and Blackwater Estuary to Heybridge.

6- Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation to Springfield Basin, Chelmsford.

7- Chelmsford to Heybridge Basin, Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation.

8- Blackwater Estuary, Thames Estuary, Tidal Thames to Brentford, Grand Union Canal to Uxbridge.


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