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Tours 2000, BCN, Severn Estuary, K&A and River Wey

38 - Sunday 6th August - Godalming to Guildford. River Wey.

Weather a bit confused. Started off very dull, but was meant to be sun all day. Three generations of white witches must have got their spells twisted.

Crew swap,  mother-in-law (Grand Master White Weather Witch) for Alan. Alan was to be dropped back at Watford Junction Stn, as he had a return ticket to Wigan. Eventually started at 11.00, after plague of mini frogs! Two even got in the front well of the boat. Shared lock with nb Why yet again (has every body got marooned on this navigation, or caught in a time warp, we keep seeing the same boats!) Stopped for the day at start of meadows just before Guildford (13.10!). Hard to believe you are only 10 mins walk from town centre! Found a nice piled deep bit and chained / padlocked centre fender eye to it, beginning to get paranoid!  In afternoon kids went over to Sandy Corner and helped with the erosion of this very sandy corner. Neil got stuck into Lagavulin. In late afternoon we all went to see Stuart Little at Odeon. Neil went to sleep. One bit he did see was some very well animated talking cats, he thought it was a dream and went back to sleep. Lovely evening, ate in and cattle in fields came over to stick heads through side hatch. 

The Tour continues....

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