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The building of "Earnest"

"Earnest" in detail

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Harefield Marina

All the images below have been grabbed by Neil's Miro DV300 video editing card from mini DV video. This was shot after "Earnest" got back to Harefield on his Panasonic NV-DX110B digital cam-corder. All images are self explanatory or have detailed descriptions below each image. 

Looking from rear doors. Note wooden rail to protect switch gear from coats, etc.

Rear bunks, note interior sprung mattresses.

Rear dinette and rear steps.

Looking from rear doors, slightly different angle.

Interior of BIG airing cupboard.

Airing cupboard and washer / dryer.

Rear bottom bunk with drawers under.

Rear upper bunk, note cup / watch shelf and halogen reading lamp (Aquafax), repeated underneath.

Rear dinette, showing Desmo leg and wall catches.

Rear dinette as a bunk.

DRY bilge! , pump in tray, hose on hot / cold drain cock leads to this. Easy way to drop water if laid up and heavy frosts expected.

Mark 2 calorifier, now with immersion heater.

At the back of the large cupboard we have i) The Arlidge relay box for switching the three sources of 230v AC.

ii) Sterling combined 60A battery charger / 1.5 Kw inverter.

iii) Electrolux Travelpower 3.5KVA 240v AC alternator control box.

The other end of the large cupboard contains the tiller and pin park bracket for when laid up.

Old 15A type sockets for 12v DC + standard 13A 230v AC sockets.

Fin radiator in pipe box beside single dinette. Note Armstrong vinyl wood block effect floor covering.

Bathroom: medicine cabinet, 230v AC shaver socket, switch for shower fan / spot lamp, 12v inverter shaver socket ( a bit pointless now we have the Sterling inverter!)

Over basin shelf, mirror and lamp.

Basin and services box behind toilet.

Radiator and toilet. The front of the box front behind toilet is removable in two sections.

Homebase ceramic Bathroom Basin.

Change over valves, non-return valves, filters and raw water flush pump for the toilet.

"Deserto" Bathroom border tiles.

"Deserto" Bathroom decor tiles.

Hip bath in its fully tiled enclosure. Mira shower mixer.

Shower enclosure, 12v "computer" fan in vent and new extra spot lamp. Handle to hang our historic "washing line on a stick".

Master's cabin side hatch / doors, vanity unit and wardrobe.

Master's bed head, shaped head board, shelf and reading lights.

Under bed cupboard and hatch steps at end of fixed double.

The four serious draws under the fixed double.

Drawers under Master's wardrobe.

Cupboard under Master's vanity unit. Note 3M anti-slip on all steps.

Boiler thermostat / programmer in new position beside Master's bed.

Electrical control :-      Left side : 12v circuit switches and breakers,  230v breakers, 230v pump out pump, immersion heater. Right side : start battery isolator, house battery isolator, emergency switch to parallel house to bow thruster batteries, toilet tank full lamp, Mikuni boiler switch + manual override switch, water gauge, inverter switch, 230v on neons for generator, inverter and shoreline, 2 x 13A 230v sockets, Travelpower 230 v AC alternator on / off / fault switch and finally the rotary switch to control the 230 v switching relay box.

Desmo leg saloon table in stowage brackets.

The patented Arlidge hopper window stowage corner blocks. Now to be a standard feature on all "Woodworks" fitted boats.

Double radiator between Galley and Saloon.

Route planning map in frame.

Galley, upper cupboards.

Argos double bread bin.

Calor Vanette 4000 oven and hob.

Ranger 4 cu ft fridge.

Interior of Ranger fridge. Note addition of fridge / freezer thermometer.

Our bonus cutlery drawer, just fits above fridge.

"Marlborough" Galley Goose decor tile

"Marlborough" Galley duck decor tile.

Full size and depth Homebase inset stainless steel sink.

Peninsular upper cupboards, "Beatty's" brass ships clock and barometer.

Saloon and Galley from front doors.

Large corner shelf unit, hook for dog lead.

One of the single bunks / seats from Galley.

Front doors from Saloon.

Saloon with table up.

Stop cock, filter, Flojet water pump (in drip tray), water pressure accumulator and stereo power amp in insulated enclosed compartment in L/H/Front locker under seat.

Hardwood lining round side door and hatch apertures.

Hatch open (completely flat), showing lining.

Drop down hardwood table in front cockpit, also visible is the bowthruster thermal cut out switch, vent for bow thruster battery locker, R&D CE mark plate and bottom of cratch showing hinged wings.

Bow thruster battery locker, showing back of cut out, battery isolator, switch for bow thruster locker bilge pump and fuse box for large stereo power amplifier which is powered from this battery as it draws a lot of current!

Mark 2 fold up leg for cockpit table, anchor stored in other locker, kept permanently connected up.

Front doors, showing Yale lock this time, so you can get in the front when locked up.

Gas locker, hose also kept here, one of cratch wings folded back.

Gas locker showing auto change over valve.

Beta 1903 43Hp power unit.

Water separator in fuel line, back of PRM Newage 150 gearbox, Centraflex coupling and standard stern tube / stuffing box.

Exhaust, Weed box and quick release hatch and greaser. Note also the fuel lines and wires for rear navigation lamp running in steel pipe running through diesel tank.

End of battery box and diesel tank wing extension.

Prop shaft, stern tube and stuffing box, bilge pump and drive coupling.

Other end of battery box, Sterling advanced alternator controller and large 100A splitter diode between start and house battery charge circuit. 

Blue Lee Sanitation 230v AC self pump-out pump and Mikuni 4Kw central heating / water boiler. Note RUBBER input pipe now fitted, eliminates all that dreadful ticking!

Empty storage side of the engine compartment, second Sterling alternator controller for front bow thruster battery can also be seen. Much acoustic damping foil covered foam fitted to bulkhead, under cockpit floor and to under engine cover boards.

L/H/R pedestal locker, home to mooring pins and sledge hammer.

R/H/R pedestal locker contains water top up tanks for engine and heating system.

Beta deluxe instrument panel, switches underneath are for bilge pump auto / manual / off + cut out, headlamp, horn and parallel (with a relay) the air horns to the standard horn.

Bow thruster controls and Teleflex controls for engine / gearbox.

Lockable flap over controls, to stop casual vandals.

Outer weed hatch, showing acoustic lining.

Rear cockpit with removable flexible aluminum cover support in position.

Rear semi trad cockpit cover in position, note that this time it covers ALL of the rear hatch!

Top of cratch cover showing radio aerial screw in boss, plug for TV aerial hole and hoop for large flip over fenders.

Cratch and cover.

Cratch wing shown hinged back for easy access to gas locker.

Vents in stern for engine compartment.

Lift up lid in rear cant, fuel lines and cut off valve underneath, pipe through diesel tank sealed with silicone.

Stern mooring posts, tank vent turned into "T" studs to stop ropes sliding off.

Mark 2 centrally placed removable equipment racks.

Low mushroom vents with integral steel base, rear flip over fender hoop behind.

Stern fender on stool and anti wash fins on top of rudder form effective re-boarding system should you fall in.

Rear locker lids now hinged, Arlidge patent windlass holders made from 32mm plastic waste pipe and clips. Note Neil's famous windlass that he found in 1972 and chrome plated himself at his Uncle's factory.

Rear navigation lamp (Aquafax), mount post is part of steel tube through diesel tank, to take wires.

Enlarged centre gunwale fender eyes, also good for temporary centre rope mooring and chaining boat up to mooring rings in dodgy areas.


Big shelves removed November 2010 and Pipsqueak stove installed.


Img_9053.jpg (86562 bytes)
Showing position of gas pipe.

Img_9054.jpg (86148 bytes)
Shelves removed and high end to double dinette added. Battening for Masterboard added.

Img_9057.jpg (81373 bytes)
Masterboard added. Plinth extended.

Img_9095.jpg (82780 bytes)
Installation finished. Steel hearth tray fabricated at Riversdale.

Img_9098.jpg (77630 bytes)
First firing. Note Pipsqueak hearth tray removed and clamp bracket fabricated to bolt stove directly to hearth.

Img_9100.jpg (74511 bytes)

Img_9103.jpg (90767 bytes)
Pipsqueak stainless steel stove pipe. Insulated ceiling outlet. Refractory lining insulation and collar spacers above.

Img_9104.jpg (65866 bytes)
Plain 30" black painted stainless chimney and rain hat. Note a removable section of flue added as a liner.

Img_9105.jpg (59658 bytes)
Flat Uxbridge Boat Centre collar on oak wedge spacer.



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