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The 1996 Fens / Avon Cruise

Only the Fens bit has been done at present.

1. Harefield Marina to Ely, via Grand Union Canal, Northampton Arm, River Nene, Middle Level Nene / Great Ouse Link, River Great Ouse.

2. Ely to Godmanchester, via River Great Ouse, Old West River, River Great Ouse.

3. Godmanchester to Bedford, including Upper River Great Ouse to Kempston, via River Great Ouse.

4. Bedford to Cambridge, including punting on the Backs, via River Great Ouse, Old West River, River Cam.

5. Cambridge to Peterborough, via River Cam, River Great Ouse, Middle Levels Nene / Great Ouse Link, River Nene.

6. Peterborough to Fotheringhay, via River Nene.

7. Fotheringhay to Irthlingborough, via River Nene.

8. Irthlingborough to Northampton, via River Nene.

9. Northampton to Hatton, via River Nene, Northampton Arm and Grand Union Canal.

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