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Reccy to inspect Mersey Estuary and the River Dee in Chester. Plus a visit to "Royston Vasey"

Dscn9391.jpg (92116 bytes)
Sankey / St Helen's Canal. looking downstream from Sankey Bridges at the now fixed rail bridge (still in use)

Dscn9392.jpg (88445 bytes)
Sankey / St Helen's Canal.  Martin is admiring the view of the rather over the top safety fencing! The weir to the right is the original course of the canal down to the River Mersey, following Sankey Brook.

Dscn9393.jpg (62169 bytes)
Sankey / St Helen's Canal. Half way walking from Sankey Bridges to Fiddler's Ferry. Fiddler's Ferry power station beyond.

Dscn9394.jpg (80787 bytes)
Sankey / St Helen's Canal. Fiddler's Ferry - the Ferry Pub on the River Mersey, the Sankey Canal is just behind, close to the river at this point.

Dscn9395.jpg (67960 bytes)
Sankey / St Helen's Canal at Fiddler's Ferry. End of navigable stub up from Fiddler's Ferry Lock down to the Mersey.

Dscn9396.jpg (50674 bytes)
Sankey / St Helen's Canal. Looking up the Mersey from Fiddler's Ferry Lock. The first building on the left is Ferry Boatyard. Their wharf does not dry out at LW.

Dscn9397.jpg (95806 bytes)
The rather silted entrance to Fiddler's Ferry Lock. For this reason they would think a narrow boat would get in about 45 mins BHW and and an hour after HW.

Dscn9399.jpg (88277 bytes)
Fiddler's Ferry Lock. It would be possible to beach a narrowboat / stay afloat in the centre of the short lock cut.

Dscn9400.jpg (61699 bytes)
Fiddler's Ferry Lock from Sankey Canal to tidal River Mersey. Fiddler's Ferry Sailing Club to right.

Dscn9401.jpg (104238 bytes)
Fiddler's Ferry Lock.

Dscn9407.jpg (62925 bytes)
Spike Island, the Widnes end of the Sankey Canal. End of yacht mooring up from lock.

Dscn9408.jpg (65826 bytes)
Spike Island, Widnes. Looking down at moorings and lock out into tidal River Mersey.

Dscn9409.jpg (55508 bytes)
Spike Island Locks. One has been restored, the other is a slipway. The swing bridge on the far Runcorn shore is Old Quay over the Manchester Ship Canal. 

Dscn9410.jpg (61420 bytes)
The not too silted up entrance to Spike Island Lock.

Dscn9411.jpg (52065 bytes)
The Mersey downstream of Spike Island.

Dscn9413.jpg (51918 bytes)
The Mersey upstream of Spike Island.

Dscn9419.jpg (39353 bytes)
The entrance to Spike Island from upstream. The Runcorn Bridges are just round the headland.

Dscn9422.jpg (61005 bytes)
Spike Island Lock.

Dscn9424.jpg (63326 bytes)
Spike Island. The visitor centre is just to the left.

Dscn9425.jpg (41742 bytes)
River Mersey Estuary. Looking down stream from the Runcorn Bridges. North Bank - Main Channel. 

Dscn9426.jpg (54784 bytes)
Runcorn Bridges over the Mersey and Manchester Ship Canal - this is just beyond the far bank of the river.

Dscn9427.jpg (44884 bytes)
Looking down the Mersey from Runcorn Bridges. Runcorn, south bank beyond.

Dscn9428.jpg (49119 bytes)
John Chapman very much at home in Liverpool Docks, Langton Lock Control Room.

Dscn9430.jpg (54725 bytes)
Langton Lock Control Room. Liverpool Docks.

Dscn9432.jpg (46134 bytes)
Langton Lock up from Mersey to Liverpool Docks. This is the small lock, but bigger that the larger Manchester Ship Canal Locks.

Dscn9433.jpg (63694 bytes)
Looking across the Mersey (upstream) from Langton Lock entrance. Birkenhead beyond.

Dscn9434.jpg (56677 bytes)
Langton Lock Control Block. Liverpool Docks.

Dscn9435.jpg (87747 bytes)
Langton Lock bottom gate. This 40ftish wide tank of water slides in from the side, forming the gate. This lock was modernized to this style of lock gate in 1962.

Dscn9437.jpg (80811 bytes)
Langton Lock top slidey gate.

Dscn9438.jpg (59488 bytes)
Looking down Langton Lock.

Dscn9439.jpg (33508 bytes)
Looking down the docks from Langton Lock - Alexandra Dock beyond, this then connects to Gladstone Dock and the large Gladstone Lock out to the Mersey. Gladstone Lock is the main one in use for Seaforth container terminal, which is in the new dock beyond Gladstone Dock. 

Dscn9443.jpg (67255 bytes)
The bow of the Mersey Harbour and Docks Board suction dredger and assorted light floats in for refurbishment.

Dscn9446.jpg (107571 bytes)
This pristine craft was built Yarwoods of Northwich.

Dscn9447.jpg (74591 bytes)
One of the Pilot doubt Ian Clarke will tell us what kind of plastic boat this is!

Dscn9449.jpg (44065 bytes)
From Liverpool Docks wall, looking down at Langton Lock entrance. Gladstone Lock is centre picture.

Dscn9451.jpg (40309 bytes)
Looking across at New Holland, mouth of the Mersey Estuary from Liverpool Docks.

Dscn9454.jpg (43742 bytes)
Looking up the Mersey from Liverpool Docks.

Dscn9456.jpg (42715 bytes)
On the swing bridge over the entrance between Canada (behind) and Huskisson Docks. Beyond the next restriction is Sandon Half Tide Dock. Liverpool Docks. This is the route you have to take as you pass up through the docks to get to Stanley Dock and the Leeds and Liverpool Stanley Docks Branch up to the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

Dscn9458.jpg (43878 bytes)
Victoria Clock Tower. This is facing Salisbury Dock, which leads across to Collingwood and then Stanley Dock. There used to be a connection with the Mersey here. Beyond here are another series of disused docks, Trafalgar, West Waterloo and Prince's. It is from Prince's Dock that BW propose their new link canal across to the Albert Dock complex, in front of the Liverbirds.

Dscn9459.jpg (53253 bytes)
Nelson Dock, where some of the dock tugs are kept. Bramley Moore is equipped as a fire tug. It is in this dock that you are allowed to wait overnight if you arrive too late at the docks for a BW assisted passage up the Stanley Docks Locks.

Dscn9461.jpg (76456 bytes)
The listed Tobacco Warehouse beside Stanley Dock. The Bascule Bridge at the entrance is disused, but has headroom more than enough for narrowboats. Liverpool Docks.

Dscn9466.jpg (73822 bytes)
The Bascule bridge over the entrance to Stanley Docks. There seems to be a Short Boat width fixed bridge in the foreground.

Dscn9467.jpg (39299 bytes)
Looking out from the Stanley Dock Bascule Bridge through Collingwood and Salisbury Docks to Victoria Tower. Mersey and Birkenhead beyond.

Dscn9468.jpg (64340 bytes)
Stanley Dock. The teeny weeny hole in the far wall in the entrance to the Stanley Dock Locks Branch up to the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

Dscn9470.jpg (66087 bytes)
Stanley Docks Bascule Bridge and the Tobacco Warehouse.

Dscn9471.jpg (54930 bytes)
Liverpool. Looking down the Mersey from Albert Docks. Two of the Mersey Ferry Termini can be seen. The Liverbirds are just to the right out of picture.

Dscn9472.jpg (39416 bytes)
The single "on the level" gate into Albert Dock from the Mersey.

Dscn9477.jpg (94838 bytes)
Right up the end of the Mersey Tideway at Warrington. This is Howley Weir.

Dscn9478.jpg (98995 bytes)
Just down stream from Howley Weir. Warrington, Tidal River Mersey.

Dscn9479.jpg (129153 bytes)
The remains of Howley Lock. Warrington, end of Mersey Tideway.

Dscn9480.jpg (105106 bytes)
Here is a view looking up at the first bridges across the tidal Mersey in Warrington. Arpley Railway, Old and new just beyond.

Dscn9481.jpg (58519 bytes)
Warrington Old Bridge.

Dscn9482.jpg (67570 bytes)
New bridge downstream from Arpley Rail Bridge.

Dscn9483.jpg (47123 bytes)
The inspiring Warrington New Bridge over the tidal River Mersey.

Dscn9486.jpg (90280 bytes)
A difficult to get shot looking upstream of the listed Warrington Transporter Bridge.

Dscn9488.jpg (57113 bytes)
Latchford Large Lock. Manchester Ship Canal.

Dscn9490.jpg (62751 bytes)
The Gina D we met last year. Here it is leaving Latchford Lock. MSC.

Dscn9492.jpg (108890 bytes)
The very disused Walton Lock, which used to connect the Manchester Ship Canal to the Upper Reaches of the Tidal River Mersey.

Dscn9493.jpg (105705 bytes)
Walton Lock, from MSC side.

Dscn9494.jpg (71731 bytes)
You cannot see Walton Lock from the MSC, as it is at the end of this side dock.

Dscn9496.jpg (122453 bytes)
Walton Lock. The remains are so silted, that it still holds back the MSC!

Dscn9497.jpg (86454 bytes)
Walton Arches. The railway bridges just down stream from where the cut up to Walton Lock used to exit - this was in fact the course of the River Mersey Until the Manchester Ship Canal was built.

Dscn9498.jpg (109530 bytes)
Erm?...............this is part of the entrance cut up to Walton Lock!

Dscn9499.jpg (82408 bytes)
The Dee Locks Branch of the Shropshire Union in Chester.

Dscn9500.jpg (75109 bytes)
The Dee Locks Branch of the Shropshire Union in Chester.

Dscn9501.jpg (69661 bytes)
The Dee Locks Branch of the Shropshire Union in Chester.

Dscn9503.jpg (113636 bytes)
The Dee Locks Branch of the Shropshire Union in Chester.

Dscn9504.jpg (60780 bytes)
The Dee Locks Branch of the Shropshire Union in Chester.

Dscn9505.jpg (75037 bytes)
The Dee Locks Branch of the Shropshire Union in Chester. The final lock down to the River Dee can be used as a staircase.

Dscn9506.jpg (113379 bytes)
The Dee Locks Branch of the Shropshire Union in Chester. Entrance into Tidal River Dee.

Dscn9507.jpg (61435 bytes)
The Dee Locks Branch of the Shropshire Union in Chester. Entrance into Tidal River Dee.

Dscn9508.jpg (87371 bytes)
The "watergate" in Chester Weir.

Dscn9510.jpg (104211 bytes)
The "Watergate" in Chester Weir. It would be technically feasible to turn a 70ft narrowboat just beyond.......BUT seeing as it is so silted beyond at the moment, you would need a tide of about 3ft over the which case you might as well forgo the 300 quidish charges to United Utilities (Was NW Water) and pass straight over the weir! Tides high enough to get over weir, have a day up the river , then get back again occur twice a year on the April and September Spring tides. So not much loss of BW's income in them dropping the charges for Dee Locks Branch of SU.

Dscn9511.jpg (79163 bytes)
Chester Weir............nice tidal lock on far bank anyone?

Dscn9514.jpg (49053 bytes)
Eastham, Mersey Estuary. Looking up at the entrance to the Manchester Ship Canal.

Dscn9516.jpg (36823 bytes)
Eastham, Mersey Estuary. Looking up at Stanlow Oil Refinery.

Dscn9517.jpg (40077 bytes)
Eastham, Mersey Estuary. Looking Straight upstream.

Dscn9518.jpg (43672 bytes)
Eastham, Mersey Estuary. Looking across at Speke, Liverpool Airport and Garston Docks.

Dscn9519.jpg (44135 bytes)
Eastham, Mersey Estuary. Looking over to Dingle and Aigburth.

Dscn9521.jpg (56052 bytes)
Eastham, Mersey Estuary. Looking down to Liverpool.

Dscn9522.jpg (37024 bytes)
Eastham, Mersey Estuary. Looking down to Liverpool.

Dscn9523.jpg (59263 bytes)
Eastham Locks, left to right - MSC Small Lock, MSC Large Lock and QE 2 Dock Lock.

Dscn9524.jpg (41977 bytes)
Runcorn, Old Quay, looking up the Mersey Estuary. The channel of the Tidal River Mersey has fairly recently switched to the south and is really scouring away at the bank. This old bank protection is now in mid channel!!!

Dscn9525.jpg (53362 bytes)
Runcorn, Old Quay, looking up the Mersey Estuary. 

Dscn9526.jpg (62933 bytes)
Runcorn, Old Quay, looking down at the Runcorn Bridges. 

Dscn9527.jpg (80894 bytes)
Next piccies are of our brief visit to "Royston Vasey" (Hadfield). Was this pub renamed?

Dscn9528.jpg (74190 bytes)
"The Town Hall"

Dscn9529.jpg (69581 bytes)
The monument used in opening sequence of League Of Gentlemen.

Dscn9530.jpg (93722 bytes)
A local cafe for local people? I think this has grown up since the series was filmed here! The signs in the window advertise "Tubbs Special" and other such delicacies.

Dscn9531.jpg (84715 bytes)
"Bliss The Butchers".........where you got your "Special Stuff"!..........has John got a slight nose bleed? 

Dscn9532.jpg (70949 bytes)
I can't remember if this pub was renamed in the series, I expect some smart person will know.

Dscn9533.jpg (86375 bytes)

Dscn9534.jpg (76345 bytes)
Pauline's "Job Centre"

Dscn9535.jpg (76136 bytes)
I'm sure someone will remind me of their names, but this is the house there the frog keeping couple with "The Shinning" twin girls lived.

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