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9 - Newport to Goole - Market Weighton Canal, River Humber, Goole Docks. Including the Aire and Calder Navigation up to New Junction Canal Junction and back.

Thursday 4th July 2002

Newport was left at 08.25 and we arrived early at Humber Lock (09.50) for out 10.30ish departure. The sluice keeper was not about, but after a fone call, soon arrived and locked us up - singly this time! (only slight rise this time as we needed most of the flood to get up to Goole). Off at 11.00. The only commercial traffic we met was a sander, hugging the outside of a bend wrong side. We knew that they did this and was already making for the other side of the river, when we heard a VHF communication from the barge master "Narrowboats, could we go green to green here?" Ian Clarke acknowledged this, but still no word from John, as his VHF was having one of it's dodgy moments. We could not contact John on ANY frequency and watched in amusement, that then turned to horror as a bow to bow situation nearly occurred. At the VERY last moment, John swung over and slid passed the barge, waving at the barge master. We imagined the barge master was not amused.
Un eventful passage the rest of the way up to Goole. The Goole Harbourmaster wanted us to go past the docks as we were not to use Ocean lock, but the smaller upstream Victoria Lock. We kept well out of the way of "Humber Energy", one of the maximum size Aire and Calder dimensioned tankers that ply between Hull and Woodlesford Oil Terminal on the Aire and Calder. This we followed into the lock keeping a respectful distance from. The Goole lockies were not up their ignorant best and were actually quite friendly. Passage through the locks and the docks is free to private pleasure craft, as long as you make the passage an hour or so from High water. Names and addresses have to be supplied of the owner of the craft on the way in, but NOT on the way out!
eventually out of Victoria Lock at 13.25 and we followed "Humber Energy" all the way through the docks and up to Rawcliffe Bridge, where we tied up to go to the Black Horse pub (14.20). John in Frogmoore had stopped in Goole, on the visitor moorings by Goole Boathouse.
The Black Horse was shut!, so we carried on (14.30) to the New Junction Canal Junction, where we winded at 15.20. It was a relief to get away from the trashed up water, left in the wake of Humber Energy. Finally ALL the Aire and Calder had  been Done - in - Earnest!
Back to Goole visitor moorings at 16.10 - rather a speedy run. We then topped up with diesel at Goole Boathouse and had a one and a half hour water refill! We had been running empty water tank due to all the tidal passages. That night  Earnest's crew went to wander round Goole to find a pub to eat and drink in. First bit of drizzly rain for yonks. Eventually we settled on a new Wetherspoons, which lived up to their good name. Robbie, John's crew member had left that afternoon and John went, predictably to the public library and stayed in that night.

Waiting at Humber Lock for the tide. Market Weighton Canal.

Leaving Humber Lock. The flood was now well under way. Humber Estuary.

Dscn4594.jpg (45524 bytes)
Rather choppy passing Blackcroft Jetty as we come up the Tidal River Ouse.

Dscn4595.jpg (29807 bytes)
Looking back down the Tidal River Ouse to Trent Falls. Apex light is centre picture.

Dscn4596.jpg (28484 bytes)
Approaching Goole. Tidal River Ouse.

Goole. Dutch River to left, Ocean Lock into the dock to right. Tidal River Ouse. Picture Martin Wilson.

Ocean Lock, Goole Docks. Tidal River Ouse.

Entering Victoria Lock with "Humber Energy". Goole Docks / Tidal River Ouse. Picture Martin Wilson.

Entering Victoria Lock with "Humber Energy" - we keep a respectful distance! Goole Docks. Picture Martin Wilson.

John Chapman in Frogmoore eventually enters. Victoria Lock Goole Docks. Picture Martin Wilson.

Victoria Lock. Goole Docks. Picture Martin Wilson.

Leaving Victoria Lock, we follow Humber Energy out of Goole Docks. Picture Martin Wilson.

As we came through Victoria Lock, we get to see all of Goole Docks. Picture Martin Wilson.

The courteous "Agila" at berth. Goole Docks. Picture Martin Wilson.

The preserved "Tom Pudding" coal pan loader in Goole Docks. Picture Martin Wilson.

Whizzing along the Aire and Calder, on the way back to Goole during our detour to the New Junction Canal and back. Dutch River in to the left of picture. Picture Martin Wilson.

The Tour Continues...

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