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5 - Grove Hill Lock to Grove Hill Lock - Beverley Beck, Tidal River Hull to Struncheon Hill Lock, River Hull, Driffield Navigation to Brigham Bridge, Frodingham Beck to North Frodingham, West Beck to beyond Corps Landing and return to Grove Hill Lock.

Sunday 30th June 2002

We managed to shove off at 08.00, carrying on up Beverley Beck and in the case of Earnest, this was until we stopped! We managed to get within a boats length of the narrow end of the Beck. Here the stream enters the navigation, which has silted up the end. The bow of Earnest had risen up the silt and we had an initial struggle to extract ourselves. This was at 08.35 and we tried to keep the noise down as most residents seemed to have not yet risen. Frogmoore managed an easy wind in the official wide spot, which is certainly not anywhere near 60ft! Earnest had to reverse and wind about half way back along the Beck. The end of the Beck had been totally prettified and consisted of being swamped with twiddly wharf side looking houses. The only boat up this end is the preserved Humber Barge - Syntan. 
We were back at Grove Hill at 09.30, to awaiting David Mack, who was coming out for the day and by 09.40 we had locked ourselves out. Weel Lift bridge was passed under with ease at 09.50. Plain sailing up to Hull Bridge Boat club (10.10). Beyond here the navigation takes on a less used appearance, weed becoming a slight problem, though we had no trouble with depth. The largest craft that seems to ply these waters regularly is the trip boat "Moon Searcher" based at Bethell's Bridge. When they spotted us, there seemed some excitement about seeing two off river narrowboats about. They gave us a wide berth, we were more worried they might run aground. We passed the trip boat on both our traverses of the Tidal River Hull. 
About two miles up we passed the remains of the entrance lock down to the private Leven Canal. This canal still exists, its main use nowadays being as a long fishing lake. A half mile beyond this Aike Beck came in from the west, at the right state of the tide this looked almost navigable (by our standards!) Next came Wilfholme Landing, which had a good few moored boats. We had been warned about a shallows just above Wilfholme, caused by the exit of a large drain pumping station - Watton Beck. Here we kept over to the far eastern bank and had no problems. The final thing of note on the Tidal River Hull was the large waterworks at Baswick on the west bank. At last Struncheon Hill Lock (aka Hempholme) came into view. There were a couple of people milling about - we had a welcoming committee! - Bob and Sue Webster (who ISTR was a Commissioner of the Driffield Navigation Trust) and Ricky Richardson, our internet contact, Sec of the Bethell's Bridge Boat Club and Assist. Chairman of the Driffield Navigation Amenities Association. 
Amid much camera clicking and getting Earnest wedged under the top gate, NB's Frogmoore II and Earnest were soon locked up and Neil and John managed to have a few brief words with Ricky. The locals seemed rather sad that this would be a normal TNC flying visit, as we intended to be back to Grove Hill Lock that night. Struncheon Hill Lock has conventional style and spline paddles on the bottom gates, but the top gates (which are Yorkshire Water Co's property) are somewhat unconventional. The beamless gates are opened by a rack with a conventional spline, but the paddles are screw thread types, the spline for the top boss being some 2" across. Sue had a specially designed double handed key, which fits over the top of the rather delicate brass spline. The lock took from between 12.20 and 12.35. 
Sue was our official contact with the trust and relieved us both of the 5 visitor licence. This does entitle you to five visits per year! Sue and Bob travelled up on Frogmoore and worked the rather rickety Bethell's Swing Bridge, this had a rather large capstan / ropes to get it moving.. I seem to remember Ricky walked back with his dog. As we were passing through the swing bridge we dumped discarded crew in the normal TNC fashion - without really stopping! Andrew, Wilf and Peter scrambled up the greasy swing bridge for a quick departure, as Ricky had kindly offered to drop them back at Beverley, on his way home.  From here Wilf dropped Andrew and Peter back at their cars at Keadby. Bethell's Bridge took between 13.00 and 13.10. First we decided to go straight up the Driffield Navigation section to Brigham Bridge. It is about another two miles up to Brigham, you pass West Beck (course of the River Hull) off to the left and Frodingham Beck off to the right. Near Brigham we passed the Sailing Club and our first taste of the the amazingly agile little sail boats. One type present was the characteristic Brigham Scow, which had an unfeasibly high sail. They certainly shot about in a very controlled fashion. 
Earnest was first up to the new swing bridge Frogmoore breasted up soon after (13.50) We had a brief examination of the new bridge. It was in position, but the pintail was not yet installed (believed to be October 2002), when the bridge will be raised on jacks, for fitment of the pintle. The canal looked very inviting beyond. Ricky made the first passage for many years during the demolition of the old fixed bridge. This was only earlier that week (25th June 2002) - See Ricky's report on the DNAA website
In true TNC fashion it was only a 15 minute stop and we were off back again. It is our opinion, forget Tewitfield or Ripon!..............this is the furthest outpost of the connected English waterway system. Frogmoore (45ft) made a wind not far below the bridge, but Earnest (59ft) had to reverse back to the sailing club to wind. This was while dodging a collection of the little sail boats!
We got back to the junction with Frodingham Beck at 14.20. This section of navigation is deep, though not particularly wide. Just before the fixed low bridge at North Frodingham there is a deep and longish, brick built wharf. A couple of boats were on here enjoying the sunny afternoon. We easily managed a wind just by the fixed bridge (14.45).
Next came the third and last branch of the Driffield waterways - West Beck. This is the continuation of the actual course of the River Hull and continues off from Emmotland. We got back to the junction at 15.05. There is a newish footbridge at the entrance to West Beck. This still was boarded up, we presume there was some dispute over the position of the footpath. This is a very pleasant river section. The first thing of note was the farmers light aircraft hanger. At Corps Landing the river widens and in the overhanging trees could be seen the remains of the old wharf. This is the official head of navigation, John in NB Frogmoore II of course just carried on! The trees were very overhanging, but we did not have to resort to the chainsaw, as there was signs of past pruning. John got up to the next farm bridge, which was not quite high enough for a narrowboat to wind. Earnest hung back while John made a rather predictable failed attempt at winding. After this Earnest went up to the bridge and we then went of back in reverse. (16.00) 
Neil tried to get Earnest up to the wharf at Corps Landing, he also thought a wind would be possible. Total cock up here, Just about enough water, but overhanging trees meant we nearly got stuck. Owing to the close proximity of the farm and the farmer cutting hay on his tractor, we thought it was best not to chainsaw our way out, so Earnest eventually managed to extract it's self and continue back down in reverse. Frogmoore, of course managed a wind here. Fortunately the current was not strong and yet another failed wind occurred!! Neil then thought sod it and reversed all the way back to Emmotland, with Frogmoore snapping at Earnest's bow. Easy wind at junction at 16.25. We got back to Bethell's Bridge at 17.10. Bob and Sue were about and yet again kindly worked the bridge for us then jumped aboard Frogmoore to work Struncheon Hill Lock - what service! 
Both boats were clear of Struncheon Hill at 17.40. Bob and Sue checked up where we would be that night (we thought we would try to moor on the old barge outside Grove Hill Lock) as they "had something for us"!
We did indeed moor up on the old barge outside Grove Hill Lock (19.45 - one reason for this was that we escaped a charge for Beverley Beck the first time and we did not want to get caught the second time!) David Mack picked up John's mate Robbie from Beverley station and then departed. As we were finishing dinner there came a knock on the roof, it was Bob and Sue. They stayed for a while chatting about the Driffield, then presented us all with a Driffield Navigation mug. Neil's has pride of place on Earnest and has been claimed as "his" mug.

Grove Hill Lock. Beverley Beck.

Looking back at Grove Hill Lock. Beverley Beck. Picture Martin Wilson.

Beverley Beck. Picture Martin Wilson.

Approaching Beverley. Beverley Beck. Picture Martin Wilson.

Dscn4537.jpg (61584 bytes)
Beverley Basin, Minster in the background. Beverley Beck.

Beverley Basin. Passing Syntan, the preserved Humber Barge. Beverley Beck.

The end of Beverley Basin. Beverley Beck.

The end of Beverley Basin. Beverley Beck.

Beverley Basin. Beverley Beck. Picture Martin Wilson.

We clear Weel Lift Bridge with a lot to spare. Tidal River Hull.

Just upstream from Beverley. Tidal River Hull. Picture Martin Wilson.

Hull Bridge. Tidal River Hull.

Hull Bridge - The Crown and Anchor pub. Tidal River Hull.

Ian Clarke, Peter Wright, Martin Wilson and Andrew Goodland.

Aike Beck looks almost navigable. Tidal River Hull. Picture Martin Wilson.

Tidal River Hull. Picture Martin Wilson.

Nearing Struncheon Hill Lock we pass "Moon Searcher" the trip boat. Tidal River Hull. Picture Martin Wilson.

Final approach to Struncheon Hill Lock. Tidal River Hull.

Struncheon Hill Lock. Sue Webster and Ricky Richardson are there to meet us. Driffield Navigation.

Struncheon Hill Lock. Waiting for the lagging Frogmoore. Driffield Navigation.

Struncheon Hill Lock. Driffield Navigation.

P1010117.jpg (59820 bytes)
Struncheon Hill Lock. Driffield Navigation.

Struncheon Hill Lock - close up of the upper gate paddle gear. Driffield Navigation. Picture Martin Wilson.

P1010116.jpg (69508 bytes)
Struncheon Hill Lock. Ricky Richardson and his dog oversee Andrew Goodland using the special paddle key. Driffield Navigation. Picture Martin Wilson.

We leave Struncheon Hill Lock. Driffield Navigation. Picture Martin Wilson.

Dscn4221.jpg (47876 bytes)
Struncheon Hill Lock from the downstream side. Tidal River Hull. Taken from our Explo day

Looking up from Struncheon Hill Lock to Bethell's Bridge. Driffield Navigation. Picture Martin Wilson.

Image020_20A.jpg (106271 bytes)
Earnest departs from Struncheon Hill Lock. Ian Clarke, Neil and Andrew Goodland present. Driffield Navigation. Picture David Mack.

Dscn4550.jpg (66454 bytes)
Bethell's Bridge. Driffield Navigation.

Bethell's Bridge. Driffield Navigation.

StrunchDep.JPG (53825 bytes)
Peter Wright, Andrew Goodland and Wilf leave at Bethell's Bridge. Driffield Navigation. Picture Peter Wright.

Bethell's Bridge. Driffield Navigation. Picture Martin Wilson.

Looking back at Bethell's Bridge. Driffield Navigation. Picture Martin Wilson.

Looking back at Bethell's Bridge. Driffield Navigation.

West Beck branches off at Emmotland under this new but unused footbridge. Driffield Navigation. Picture Martin Wilson.

Driffield Navigation continues to the left, Frodingham Beck (whose course we are really on above Emmotland) branches of to the right. Picture Martin Wilson.

Driffield Navigation. Picture Martin Wilson.

Driffield Navigation. Picture Martin Wilson.

Image001_1A.jpg (113797 bytes)
Approach to Brigham. Driffield navigation. Photo David Mack.

Dscn4553.jpg (70171 bytes)
Driffield Navigation. We reach the present head of navigation at the new, but incomplete Brigham Bridge.

Brigham Bridge. Driffield Navigation. Picture Martin Wilson.

Frodingham Beck. Picture Martin Wilson.

Dscn4555.jpg (80373 bytes)
Frodingham Beck. The end and winding point at North Frodingham.

P6300131.jpg (82622 bytes)
Frodingham Beck. The end and winding point at North Frodingham.

Frodingham Beck.

Frodingham Beck.

Driffield Navigation.

P6300133.jpg (35262 bytes)
Frogmoore starts up West Beck. Driffield Navigation.

P6300138.jpg (120984 bytes)
West Beck. John and Frogmoore vanish in the distance above Corps Landing.

West Beck. John and Frogmoore vanish in the distance above Corps Landing.

Dscn4560.jpg (130898 bytes)
West Beck. The low farm bridge above Corps Landing.

P6300140.jpg (108368 bytes)
Reversing back to Corps Landing. West Beck.

Looking back at NB Frogmoore II leaving Struncheon Hill Lock. Tidal River Hull.

Dscn4241.jpg (68864 bytes)
Driffield Next time we return? Picture from our Explo day out.

The Tour Continues...

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