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36 - Queen's Head to Wrenbury, Llangollen and Montgomery Canals.

Monday 5th August 2002.

We shoved off at 07:40 - backwards! this was to do another "protest" cruise into the long ago restored Aston Top Lock. As predicted the top lock was full, but with the bottom gates chained up. A BW guy spotted us and observed from afar. The weed was a bit rampant, but we managed to churn it out of the way. Come 08:25 we were back at Queen's Head and started back up the short connected section of the Montgomery Canal.
10:20 saw us back on the Llangollen Canal, with rather a lot of traffic. We soon all spaced ourselves out, Ellesmere (Blake Mere) was passed at 11:20 and at 15:40 we arrived at rather a long queue at the top of Grindley Brook. Seeing as there are a couple of water points at the top of the staircase, we used our long hose, shuffling along and managed a complete water fill up, while staying in the queue. Eventually out of the bottom of the flight of 6 locks at 17:10. 
Some of the other boats in front stopped at the Willeymoor Lock tavern, so we had a reasonable run down to Wrenbury (the other side of the electric lift Bridge), mooring up at 19:25.
Rather superior meal at the Dusty Miller pub. Well kept Robinson's ales, we were fortunate in getting the last table.

Passing beside Blake Mere, just below Ellesmere. Llangollen Canal.

Grindley Brook Staircase Locks. Llangollen Canal.

Grindley Brook Staircase Locks. Llangollen Canal.

Grindley Brook Staircase Locks. Llangollen Canal.

Grindley Brook Lock No 4 a 1970's test bed for various types of paddle gear. This is believed to be the first Hydraulic paddle gear. Llangollen Canal.

Grindley Brook, looking down at Lock No 5. Llangollen Canal.

Grindley Brook Lock No 5. Julian E in control. Llangollen Canal.

Grindley Brook Lock No 6. Llangollen Canal.

Looking back at Povey's Lock.  Llangollen Canal.

Willey Moor Lock. Llangollen Canal.

Wrenbury Mill and the now electric lift bridge. Llangollen Canal.

The excellent Dusty Miller pub at Wrenbury. Llangollen Canal.

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