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31 - Endon Bank to Consall Forge, Caldon Canal.

Sunday 28th July 2002.

Start time was 07:20, it was to be a short run down from Endon to Cheddleton Flint Mill (09:10) as we were to have a trip on the North Staffs railway. We managed to get a spot as a boat pulled away. Unfortunately no steam on at the NSR, so had to contend with a Class 20 diesel, but at least the railway went to Froghall, more than the canal did at the moment!
Back to boat and cast off at 12:40. The "pub" by Cheddleton Lock No 13 was still being refurbished, much as it was on our last visit in 1997! It was very busy at Consall Forge (14:10), many boats, swimmers and people over spilling from the now over popular Black Lion. 
We had to go on the trip boat mooring to fill with water, then we motored a fair way upstream to a deep, cool secluded mooring. That evening we went to the Black Lion, which you could not really complain about, the beer was good the simple bar food OK and the new Landlady equally as eccentric as the old dear that used to run the place in the 1970's. This eccentricity exhibited it's self by her wishes to expel most of the revellers that were messing up her lawn and eating their own food on the grass outside. Next an argument developed concerning a dog (she had two small Chihuahua's sitting on a cushion in the bar) So this place has certainly gone up in our eyes!

Dscn6293.jpg (46383 bytes)
Cheddleton. Caldon Canal.

Dscn6294.jpg (83984 bytes)
Cheddleton Flint Mill. Caldon Canal.

Dscn6295.jpg (61019 bytes)
The A 520 Bridge No 42 has this overhead warehouse extension. The old gauge marks for Froghall Tunnel used to be on the white post. Cheddleton. Caldon Canal.

Dscn6296.jpg (60532 bytes)
Cheddleton Locks No 13 and 14. Caldon Canal.

Dscn6297.jpg (96142 bytes)
Cheddleton Lock No 13. Caldon Canal.

Dscn6298.jpg (87792 bytes)
The Boat Inn at Basford Bridge, Cheddleton. Caldon Canal.

Dscn6299.jpg (71764 bytes)
Cheddleton Station, North Staffs Steam Railway.

Dscn6301.jpg (54716 bytes)
Cheddleton Station, North Staffs Steam Railway.

Dscn6304.jpg (96398 bytes)
Consall Forge waiting shelter, North Staffs Steam Railway.

Dscn6309.jpg (123204 bytes)
Cheddleton Lock No 14. Caldon Canal.

Dscn6311.jpg (99087 bytes)
Leaving Oak Meadow Ford Lock No 16 onto the River Churnet. Caldon Canal.

Dscn6313.jpg (91934 bytes)
The now open Consall Forge Station now sports a replacement wooden waiting room. The overhanging waiting shelter has been spruced up. Caldon Canal.

Dscn6314.jpg (80985 bytes)
Canal drained below Flint Mill Lock No 17 for bank stabilisation works. Caldon Canal.

Dscn6317.jpg (113474 bytes)
The Black Lion Consall Forge. Worse disfigurement this side - Satellite dish!!! Caldon Canal.

Dscn6318.jpg (97178 bytes)
Consall Forge. Limited visitor mooring by the old Lime kilns. The wharf is now a car park, since the coming of the road to Consall Forge! Caldon Canal.

Dscn6320.jpg (96000 bytes)
Consall Forge. Towpath River and changeover bridges. Caldon Canal.

Dscn6321.jpg (111264 bytes)
The Black Lion at Consall Forge. Towpath changeover bridge No 49. Caldon Canal.

Dscn6322.jpg (151807 bytes)
The Black Lion at Consall Forge. A bit if airbrushing got rid of the unsightly TV aerial! Caldon Canal.

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