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24 - Acton Bridge to Anderton - Trent and Mersey Canal.

Sunday 21st July 2003.

We had planned the crew change for Anderton around 11:00, so we started off at 08:00 from Acton Bridge. We picked our way through the short but wiggly Saltersford and Barnton Tunnels. No approaching craft were met. 
We decided to stop before Bridge 200 in Anderton. This was to check out the newly re-opened section between Bridge 200 and the Anderton Lift. Work was still was going on between these points, due to bad bank slippage last Winter. Neil walked round the roads to the Anderton Lift moorings and found out that there was a couple of spots left, we therefore decided to push on. The towpath was closed on this section, boat movements were allowed, but no stopping. The whole section had been piled and concrete capped on the towpath side. On the slope side the ground had been stabilised with rocks. 
We arrived at the visitor moorings, just beyond the Anderton Lift and after a bit of fiddling about shoehorned ourselves into a tight spot (09:30). Linda and Wendy arrived around 11:00 in the Passat for the start of their two weeks. Peter Wright was leaving that day and took the Passat back to chez Arlidge. Martin Clark wanted to go back home overnight, so got a lift from Peter.
John Chapman arrived soon after in Frogmoore II. He was unhappy about having to go both ways on the River a new plan was quickly hatched - Go down the lift, up to Winsford, then straight down the River Weaver to Weston Point and back to Manchester via the Manchester Ship Canal. John soon got hold of the phone number of Jalsea Marine in Northwich, who were recommended by the M.S.C.C. to do inspections for the necessary Certificate Of Seaworthiness. 
Phil at Jalsea said that as we were local, he could come out, do the Certificate Of Seaworthiness and send off the paperwork to the M.S.C.C. for a charge of 20. This seemed reasonable, so Phil was booked for late that afternoon.
After this Neil, Linda, Peter and Wendy went for a walk around the lift and along the Witton Brook, in the new nature reserves created in Witton and Neumann's flashes. Phil and cohort arrived at around 17:00 and did the lightning inspection of Earnest and Frogmoore. John was still having trouble with his starter motor (the solenoid needed a good whack with a spanner to get it to fire up), but fortunately Phil did not twig this, seeing as Frogmoore was kept running throughout his visit!
Phil took our Certificates of Insurance with him to copy and told us to pay and finish the paperwork on our way through Northwich the next day.
That night we ate in, still minus Martin Clark, who would be re-joining us in the morning, before our booked down the Anderton Lift passage at 10:30.

Dscn5708.jpg (46074 bytes)
Looking down at Dutton Locks on the River weaver from the Trent and Mersey Canal.

Dscn5709.jpg (74425 bytes)
The Black Prince hire boat base at Bartington Wharf, by Bridge No 209 at Acton Bridge. Trent and Mersey Canal.

Dscn5713.jpg (67077 bytes)
About to enter Saltersford Tunnel. Trent and Mersey Canal.

Dscn5714.jpg (92623 bytes)
Leaving Saltersford Tunnel. Trent and Mersey Canal.

Dscn5715.jpg (79680 bytes)
The short wide section between the Saltersford and Barnton Tunnels. Trent and Mersey Canal.

Dscn5716.jpg (113685 bytes)
The sharp approach to Barnton Tunnel. Trent and Mersey Canal.

Dscn5717.jpg (90092 bytes)
Leaving Barnton Tunnel. Trent and Mersey Canal.

Dscn5718.jpg (68456 bytes)
Soote Hill Bridge No 200. Trent and Mersey Canal.

Dscn5719.jpg (84046 bytes)
The recently reopened section after Soote Hill Bridge. Trent and Mersey Canal.

Dscn5720.jpg (91937 bytes)
Looking back at Soote Hill Bridge No 200. Trent and Mersey Canal.

Dscn5721.jpg (72983 bytes)
Anderton. The spur to the lift is under the towpath over bridge. Trent and Mersey Canal.

Dscn5722.jpg (81960 bytes)
Anderton. The spur to the lift. Trent and Mersey Canal.

Dscn5723.jpg (61344 bytes)
Anderton. Looking back at the bank protection works. Trent and Mersey Canal.

Dscn5742.jpg (89933 bytes)
Anderton. Looking back at the bank protection works from the Anderton Lift end. Trent and Mersey Canal.

Dscn5729.jpg (44529 bytes)
Looking down at the Brunner Mond Chemical works in Winnington, the other side of the Weaver from the Anderton lift.

Dscn5726.jpg (81296 bytes)
Looking down at Witton Brook. Anderton.

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