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15 - Ripon to York, including The River Swale.

Wednesday 10th July 2002

We left Ripon visitor moorings at 10.15 after breakfast at the mooring. The rather busy road next to the moorings does quieten down at night. Uneventful trip down the Ripon Canal, we cleared the lock gates easily coming down bow first in conventional manner (Rhodesfield Lock, which was tightest had a high top cill, so it does not get you more room coming down backwards, as you can not have the bow hanging over the top cill). The BW lady lengths person was out again and this time we got a smile!
Peaceful run down the River Ure, met cruiser hire boat coming up in Milby Lock.............some more traffic! 
At Swale Nab (13.55) Neil responded to the irresistible call of the River Swale and knowing from our previous passage up here in Beatty (50ft) we knew there was no where to wind the 58ft 6ins Earnest. Robin was steering, so got the daft call to reverse up! It was easy up to Myton Bridge, but beyond here, it was as on our last passage, there was just enough depth, but the flow was fairly fast. This meant a slow passage up and we eventually called it a day at a shoal, where the depth was down to 2ft 6ins right across the river, just before the first really tight bend. This was at 15.10. I would say we got up nearly as far as in Beatty. Another thing noted was that the river seemed to suffer less with overhanging trees than in 1997, perhaps the EA have given it a going over for flood protection reasons. 
After the photo call, we set of with Neil steering. It was a rather fast return passage...............we got back to Swale Nab in just over 35 minutes!
Yet again no river traffic all the way back to York. We passed through Linton Lock at 16.45 and were ashamed to say that, due to the presence of yet more staring anglers, we did not attempt passage up the River Nidd at Nun Monkton Pool (pass 17.20). We have heard that you only get to the entrance of the channel as there is a gravel shoal.
Arrival at York was at 16.45. Yet again we were fairly near Lendal Bridge and were able to find a mooring ring near the centre fender eye to use our long chain. That night we went again to the "Three Legged Mare" pub, then an Indian. Afterwards Peter, Neil and Trevor retired to the boat for coffee, sample the ship's Islay Single Malt collection and a music evening - Dvorak 9th Symphony and Stravinsky's Rite Of Spring - cultured are we in the TNC!

Thursday 11th July 2002

This was a day in York, also we had arranged to meet John Chapman here Thursday evening. Robin and Nathan went off and did their own thing, while Neil, Peter and Trevor went to the National Rail Museum. Trevor had to collect his rather good winnings ( 82, from a 4 bet) from the Tote Bookmakers, which supposedly opened at 10.00. It was not open, so Peter and Neil left Trevor waiting (banging?!) at the door, saying we would all meet up in the NRM.
The NRM is now free, we had a really good wander about as the new store shed was open. Eventually met up with Trevor at lunch time. Peter suggested we may like to experience the spectacle of a service in York Minster, so we rushed back for the 17.00 one. Rather a splendid affair, we were talked though it by Peter, who is in a travelling choir that has filled in at York during the choir holidays.
Met up with Robin and Nathan at "The Judges Lodgings" hotel, for a nice meal, bottle of Stellanbosch from Trevor's winnings. Afterwards, Neil was STILL not feeling 100%, so retired early. Trevor and Peter went to a local pub, while Robin and Nathan went to a club and returned sometime in the morning!


Dscn4845.jpg (70237 bytes)
Rhodesfield Lock Cottage. Ripon Canal.

Dscn4847.jpg (91483 bytes)
 Leaving Rhodesfield Lock. Ripon Canal.

Dscn4849.jpg (90349 bytes)
Detail of Milby Lock upper paddle gear. Ure Navigation.

Dscn4850.jpg (81751 bytes)
 Hire boat in Milby Lock. We crank it for them. Ure Navigation.

Dscn4851.jpg (108398 bytes)
Milby Lock. Trevor ready for the paddles. Ure Navigation.

Dscn4852.jpg (80140 bytes)
Peter and the getting scarce granny gear. Milby Lock. Ure Navigation.

Dscn4853.jpg (95753 bytes)
Reversing up the River Swale. Myton Bridge is under going a facelift.

Dscn4854.jpg (83032 bytes)
Robin gets to show off his upstream reversing. River Swale.

Dscn4855.jpg (87663 bytes)
River Swale, our limit of navigation about a mile above Myton Bridge.

Dscn4856.jpg (81692 bytes)
River Swale, our limit of navigation about half a mile above Myton Bridge.

Dscn4857.jpg (53987 bytes)
Steaming back down the River Swale, Myton Bridge.

Dscn4859.jpg (82948 bytes)
Detail of Myton Bridge Words round cast lion are - CUI VIDE FIDE SEC. River Swale.

Dscn4860.jpg (52548 bytes)
Aldwark footbridge and moorings. Ure Navigation.

Dscn4862.jpg (93516 bytes)
Linton Lock Cottage. River Ouse.

Dscn4869.jpg (85785 bytes)
The excellent Three Legged Mare pub in York.

Dscn4871.jpg (71314 bytes)
"OIY!!!.........LET ME IN!!!"..............our gambling crewmember, Trevor is desperate for this winnings!

Dscn4875.jpg (63357 bytes)
Moored on Lendal Visitor Moorings in York. River Ouse.

The Tour Continues...

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