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Fenland Tour Summer 2001

As ever no maps are provided. You will really need Nicholson's No6 - Nottingham and NE. The newer Thames Nicholson's No7 is useless, as it does not show the River Thames above Inglesham. Imray books for Rivers Nene and Great Ouse, Imray Middle Level chart and O^S Landranger maps 121, 122, 130, 131, 142, 143, 144, 153, 154, 163, 164 and 175 to see the uncharted bits! Virtually all the navigated bits are shown on the Philips Navigator road map. Multi map can be used to find the "ends".

1- Langley Mill to Nottingham - Erewash Canal, River Trent, Beeston Cut, Nottingham Canal.

2- Nottingham to Newark - Nottingham Canal and River Trent.

3 - Newark to Lincoln - River Trent, Tidal Trent and Fossdyke Navigation.

4 - Lincoln to Southrey - Fossdyke Navigation and River Witham, inc River Witham Old Course and Nocton Delph.

5 - Southrey  to Dogdyke - River Witham, including Catchwater Drain, Timberland Delph and Kyme Eau.

6 - Dogdyke to Boston - River Witham and Witham Navigable Drains, inc Billinghay Skirth, Dogdyke, Castle Dyke, Newham Drain, Sandy Bank Drain, West Fen Drain, Medlam Drain and Maud Foster Drain.

7 - Boston - Witham Navigable Drains and River Witham  inc Maud Foster Drain, Stonebridge Drain, West and East Fen Catchwater Drain, Frith Bank Drain.

8 - Boston to Spalding - River Witham, Tidal Witham, Wash, Tidal Welland Outfall and River Welland.

9 - Spalding - River Welland, inc Coronation Channel and Car Dyke.

10 - Spalding to Surfleet Seas End - River Welland, Tidal River Welland and Tidal River Glen.

11 - Tidal River Welland to Dog In A Doublet, via Wisbech - Tidal Welland Outfall, Wash, Tidal Nene Outfall.

12 - Dog In A Doublet to Outwell - River Nene and Middle Level, inc Stanground Water, Kings Dyke, Whittlesey Dyke, River Nene Old Course and Well Creek.

13 - Outwell to Ely - Middle Level, Tidal River Great Ouse, New Bedford River, Old West River and River Great Ouse, inc Well Creek.

14 - Ely to Brandon Creek - Ely Ouse and Brandon Creek / Little Ouse, inc Lakenheath Lode.

15 - Brandon Creek to Outwell - Ely Ouse, Tidal River Great Ouse, Middle Level - Well Creek.

16 - Outwell to Welches Dam - Middle Level, inc Well Creek, River Nene Old Course, Pophams Eau, Middle Level Main Drain, 16 Foot Drain, Vermuyden's 40ft Drain.

17 - (Frogmoore II) Welches Dam to Denver - Old Bedford River, Tidal River Great Ouse and Ely Ouse. Plus Horseway Lock to Upwell - 40ft River, 16ft River, Pophams Eau and River Nene old Course.

18 - Upwell to Denver - Middle Level, Tidal Great Ouse and Ely Ouse, inc River Wissey.

19 - Denver To Ely - River Great Ouse, inc River Lark and Lee Brook.

20 - Ely to Upware - River Great Ouse and River Cam, inc Soham Lode, Burwell Lode and Reach Lode.

21 - Upware to Cambridge - River Cam, inc Wicken Lode and Swaffam Bulbeck Lode.

22 - Cambridge to Brampton - River Cam, Old West River and River Great Ouse.

23 - Brampton to St Neots, via Bedford and Kempston - River Great Ouse.

24 - St Neots to Ely - River Great Ouse, Old West River and Ely Ouse.

25 - Ely to Downham Market - Ely Ouse and Relief Channel.

26 - Downham Market to Outwell - Relief Channel, Ely Ouse, Tidal River Great Ouse, Middle Level - Well Creek.

27 - Outwell to Ramsey - Middle Level, inc River Nene Old Course, 20ft River, Bevill's Leam, 40ft Drain and High Lode.

28 - Ramsey to Ramsey 40ft - Middle Level, inc High Lode, River Nene Old Course, Bevill's Leam, New Cut, Black Ham, Yaxley Lode, New Dyke, Monk's Lode, Great Raveley Drain and 40ft Drain.

29 - Ramsey 40ft to Whittlesey - Middle Level, inc 40ft Drain, River Nene Old Course and Whittlesey Dyke.

30 -  Whittlesey to Fotheringhay - River Nene and Middle Level, inc Whittlesey Dyke, Kings Dyke and Stanground Water.

31 - Fotheringhay to Irthlingborough - River Nene.

32 - Irthlingborough to Northampton - River Nene.

33 - Northampton to Weedon - River Nene (inc Westbridge Arm and Upper River Nene), Northampton Arm and Grand Union Canal.

34 - Weedon to Lechlade - Grand Union Canal, Southern Oxford Canal and River Thames.

35 - Lechlade to Hannington Bridge to Kelmscot - River Thames.

36 - Kelmscot to Cleeve Lock to Oxford - River Thames, inc River Thame to Dorchester.

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