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River Rother, Rye and Royal Military Canal

From days out on the Soggy Sussex October 2001 holiday.

Dscn3848.jpg (23669 bytes)
Scots Float Sluice. This is the tidal lock. The wide public slipway is on the non salty side. River Rother.

Dscn3850.jpg (20347 bytes)
Scots Float Sluice. This is the tidal lock. It consists of two vertical radial gates. I would guess a 50ft x 12ft craft would just fit. River Rother.

Dscn3851.jpg (26045 bytes)
Scots Float Sluice. Non salty side. River Rother.

Dscn3853.jpg (25562 bytes)
Scots Float Sluice. Salty side. The tidal lock is the far structure. Taken from drying out berth. There is another slipway this side. River Rother.

Dscn3854.jpg (24177 bytes)
The moribund Iden Lock onto the Royal Military Canal. Image taken from bridge over the River Rother.

Dscn3855.jpg (32559 bytes)
Iden Lock onto the Royal Military Canal. The sluice gate at the far end (which comes up from the chamber bottom) maintains the water level in the canal at a lowish level up to the dropped bridge/sluice just before Appledore.

Dscn3856.jpg (28819 bytes)
Iden Lock onto the Royal Military Canal.

Dscn3857.jpg (34724 bytes)
The lock in Rye on the River Brede/continuation of the RMC. Non salty side.

Dscn3858.jpg (41115 bytes)
Looking up from the River Brede Tidal Lock.

Dscn3859.jpg (41064 bytes)
River Brede Tidal Lock. Salty side. This lock is about 50ft x 13ft.

Dscn3861.jpg (31290 bytes)
The confluence of the tidal River Brede and the River Tillingham. The River Tillingham is beyond and forms Rye Harbour visitor moorings.

Dscn3863.jpg (32816 bytes)
River Brede Tidal Lock. Rye.

Dscn3864.jpg (32050 bytes)
River Brede Tidal Lock. Rye.

Dscn3866.jpg (24277 bytes)
The tidal River Tillingham, the upper visitor moorings for Rye. EA administered.

Dscn3867.jpg (30761 bytes)
St Rumwolds Church Bridge. RMC.

Dscn3869.jpg (35291 bytes)
Bilsington Bridge. Looking up at Bridge Farm. RMC.

Dscn3870.jpg (33602 bytes)
Bilsington Bridge - recently re-decked. RMC.

Dscn3871.jpg (37652 bytes)
Bilsington Bridge. RMC.

Dscn3873.jpg (50368 bytes)
Ruckinge Bridge. RMC.

Dscn3874.jpg (29921 bytes)
Looking up from Ruckinge Bridge. RMC.

Dscn3875.jpg (40751 bytes)
Ruckinge Bridge. Old A2070 Bridge in distance. RMC.

Dscn3876.jpg (44671 bytes)
The newly re-built Appledore Bridge, now with the standard RMC airdraught. RMC.

Dscn3877.jpg (36669 bytes)
Looking downstream from Appledore Bridge. RMC.

Dscn3878.jpg (28224 bytes)
Appledore Bridge. RMC.

Dscn3879.jpg (42294 bytes)
Appledore Bridge. RMC.

Dscn3880.jpg (26990 bytes)
TNC ON.................

Dscn3881.jpg (38047 bytes)
The dropped farm bridge just below Appledore. RMC. This is looking in the lowered pound below, towards Iden Lock.

Dscn3882.jpg (40753 bytes)
The dropped farm bridge just below Appledore. RMC. Looking towards Appledore.

Dscn3883.jpg (37735 bytes)
This is the Cradlebridge Sewer and joins the canal just under this bridge. RMC.

Dscn3884.jpg (36835 bytes)
Looking up the Cradlebridge Sewer - towards Tenterden.

Dscn3885.jpg (60948 bytes)
Stone Bridge, the first bridge above Iden Lock. RMC.

Dscn3886.jpg (31862 bytes)
Stone Bridge, looking towards Iden Lock. RMC.

Dscn3888.jpg (38697 bytes)
The River Rother Bridge at Iden.

Dscn3889.jpg (29626 bytes)
Flood doors at Iden Lock. RMC.

Dscn3890.jpg (30803 bytes)
Looking down the River Rother from Iden Lock.

Dscn3891.jpg (24214 bytes)
Looking up the River Rother from Iden Bridge.

Dscn3893.jpg (45323 bytes)
The A261 Bridge in Hythe, very near the RH&DR station. RMC.

Dscn3894.jpg (40882 bytes)
Footbridge in Hythe. RMC.

Dscn3898.jpg (41245 bytes)
Hythe. RMC.

Dscn3899.jpg (32670 bytes)
Hythe. RMC.

Dscn3901.jpg (32786 bytes)
Bodiam Bridge, the old head of navigation on the River Rother. Personally I think a narrowboat could get a bit further!

Dscn3902.jpg (30644 bytes)
Looking downstream from Bodiam Bridge. River Rother

Dscn3904.jpg (19810 bytes)
Looking up the River Rother from the K&ESR rail bridge.

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