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February Medway, Swale and Thames Estuary Exploration Trip

Sunday 18th February, Chatham Boat Jumble in morning. Ian Clarke and Neil did basic exploration around Swale and Mouth of Medway / Queenborough and longing look over Thames Estuary.  Went to Allington before Boat Jumble - just at high tide - lock hut open, waiting for boats. They had virtually dumped all water, only half of one of three sluices up. Not much flow on river! Pub opposite - Malta Inn - Allington Lock is a Beefeater, with attached Travel Inn. Found Straight Across clone -  Chantel - (was originally Notus) in small un named Marina, near Rochester Bridge. While looking for another AMC Everyman, we found Wendy Ken - Dunkirk little ship, in Port Medway Marina.  Ian C and his dad used to know the old owner, when it was Rochester based. Old owners used to go up Thames each year. Met new owners, they liveaboard it - it will be going to Henley Trad Boat Gathering, this year! Next was a dash across to Leysdown, on the Isle of Sheppey. We did not look at Swale Creeks, but Ian said that Conyer, is the one to do. We stopped at Leysdown for lunch, but no fish and chip shops open! - looked up Essex coast with Ian's bins. Could see Red Sand Towers, Shivering Sand Towers and even Knock John Tower. Next to Queenborough, we checked out Town Quay, the Swale, old pontoon mooring (OK - this had Thames based wooden cruiser - Jancy -  on it), Concrete barge mooring pontoon in centre channel. Lastly we looked a few havens on the south of the Medway Estuary. Lower Halstow was a magical place, Thames Barge - Edith May - on blocks at the town wharf - lots of work going on. Final port of call was Otterham Creek -  a bit of a port and nowhere to dry out at all. Finally in desperation we ate after our day's fasting - at Mc Donald's!!!!


Allington Lock - Gateway to non tidal River Medway.

Allington Lock Hut.

Allington Lock.

Allington Sluices.

Allington Lock.

Malta Inn Beefeater, just above Allington Lock.

Ian Clarke with Straight Across clone - Chantel - just been sold. Un marked Marina, by Rochester Bridge. Tidal River Medway.

Looking up from Cuxton Marina to Halling.

Medway Bridge, from Port Medway Marina.

Dunkirk "Little Ship" Wendy Ken, at Port Medway.

Looking upstream from Port Medway Marina. Tidal River Medway.

Red House Towers in Thames Estuary.

Shivering Sands Towers, Thames Estuary.

Looking across Thames Estuary at Southend and Shoebury, from Leysdown, on Isle of Sheppey.

Looking across at Swale mouth - Seasalter. From Leysdown.

Looking across at Whitstable. From Leysdown.

Town Quay, Queenborough.

Town Quay, Queenborough.

Looking across at Isle of Grain Power Station, from Queenborough.

Looking across at Grain Tower, from Queenborough. Southend is beyond. The pier is obscured by tower!

Looking across at Thamesport, from Queenborough.

Looking up Swale from entrance to Swale. QYC Pontoon and concrete mooring barge, in channel.

The last Radio Caroline!

Thames Barge - Edith May at Lower Halstow Wharf. South bank of Medway Estuary.

Thames Barge - Edith May at Lower Halstow Wharf. South bank of Medway Estuary.

Looking out from Lower Halstow Wharf. South bank of Medway Estuary.

Looking out from Lower Halstow Wharf. South bank of Medway Estuary. This and the next three images form a panorama.

The port in Otterham Creek. South bank of Medway Estuary.

Otterham Creek. South bank of Medway Estuary.

Images taken with Neil's new Nikon 990 digi camera - Shit Hot Carter!!!

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