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1999 Neil cycles from Littleborough to Kirkholt, Rochdale.

The 1999 maiden voyage of "Earnest" saw us only getting to the summit of the Rochdale (see Tour 1999). Neil cycled down the other side  to the A627(M) roundabout blockage. Video was taken from Smithy Bridge down, as there had been no restoration progress above this point since 1997. It was just as well Neil was on his mountain bike as with his new digital camcorder he felt a bit vulnerable just above Rochdale. It was here that there was TWO obvious groups of youths on the tow path engaged in drug dealing! No video was shot at these points. Images grabbed from mini DV digital video using Miro DC-300 video editing card.   

Mill just below Smithy bridge.

Little Clegg Swing Bridge, only opened in June 1999.

Start of cutting below Little Clegg Swing Bridge. It was here that rushes started to choke the canal.

By the end of the cutting at Belfield Bridge (R16?) the rush growth peters out.

The dropped Fir Grove Bridge in Milnrow.

Looking back at Fir Grove Bridge, the work to the left is not associated with the start of rebuilding the bridge.

Dropped footbridge, just after the rebuilt railway bridge.

Bridge below the intact A664 Bridge.

Moss Upper Lock No 49, one of two before  Rochdale, recently re-gated. These are the first locks since Littleborough.

The new bottom gates of Moss Upper Lock No49. Note racks removed to stop vandals dropping water.

Looking towards the Moss Lower Lock No50.

Restored Moss Lower Lock No50. The Oldham Road Bridge (A671) crosses below lock. Towpath follows smelly tunnel just to right of railings.

Looking back up to Moss Upper Lock No49.

Turnover bridge attached to Oldham Road Bridge, stub of Rochdale Town Arm is behind camera.

Bridge below Rochdale town Arm. Red barrier is associated with connecting up fiberway in newly restored tow path.

Narrow, shallow deviation round factory car park built on line. There is enough room to put a navigable culvert through this side.

Next small bridge below is dropped and culverted.

Next footpath bridge, canal is culverted for some distance.

Approaching A627(M) roundabout.

A627(M) roundabout to right, culvert starts at left of picture.

Canal culverted across this side of the roundabout. M62 blockage 1 miles ahead.

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