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1997 Neil walks from Duice Street to Miles Platting

During the 1997 holiday (see Tour 97 page) we stopped at Castlefields. Neil walked the Rochdale nine (without getting accosted, as this is the gay centre of the NW!), through the Ducie Street car park and hence up to Miles Platting. This involved going through a few closed sections involving jumping over a some fences. Hi-8 video was shot. These images were grabbed from a Hauppage Win TV tuner card from a S-VHS copy.

The first un-restored lock above the "Rochdale Nine", Brownsfield Lock No83. Tarrif St. Bridge in background.

Looking up to Great Ancoats St. Bridge and Ancoats Lane Lock No82.

The upper gates of Brownsfield Lock No83 seem recent, but have trouble holding water. Alan and Neil have just skirted round a couple of drug addicts!

Brownsfield Lock No83, just above Tarrif St. Notice plastic sheeting on gates to help them hold water.

Great Ancoats St. Bridge, Ancoats Lane Lock No82 just underneath.

Ancoats Lane Lock No82, from under Great Ancoats St. Bridge.

Ancoats Lane Lock No82.

Dawn St. Footbridge just above Ancoats Lane Lock No82.

Ancoats, start of 1960's shallowed section. NW Union St. Bridge in background.

NW Union St. Bridge, Ancoats.

Looking down towards NW Union St. Bridge. (The factory to the left has now been demolished - 1999.)

Shallowed section through Miles Platting.

Looking back down to Ancoats.

Shallowed section through Miles Platting.

Butler St. Bridge.

Shallowed section, Lock No81 in distance under Rushworth St. Bridge. 

Lock No81.

Lock No81, looking up. Note psychedelic capping stones, will this feature be retained?

Lock No80, looking down.

Lock No80, looking up.

Miles Platting. Lock No79 in distance, from Lock No80. Mills beside Vickers St.

Miles Platting. Varley St. Bridge from Lock   No79.

Miles Platting, looking back, from Lock       No80.

Varley St. Bridge.

Looking back at Varley St. Bridge from Varley St. Lock No78.

Varley St. Lock No78.

This section above Lock No78 closed to the public and not shallowed.

Hume Hall Lane Bridge, Lock77 in distance.

Lock No77.

Above Hume Hall Lane Bridge. Narrowed section, Miles Platting.

Looking back from under Miles Platting Railway Bridge.

Looking up at Grimshaw Lane Bridge, from Lock No76.

Lock No76.

Looking back from lock No75.

Lock No75.

Lock No74 in distance.

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