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1997 Neil cycles from Littleborough to Smithy Bridge.

The following images were taken during the 1997 Mega Cruise in "Beatty" (see Tour 97 page) after we actually got down Littleborough Flight to the first dropped Ben Healy Bridge. The canal beyond is clear, deep and weed free. The images grabbed using Hauppage Win TV tuner card. They are from a S-VHS copy of the original Hi-8 video.

Looking back at current head of navigation, dropped Ben Healey Bridge R10, B6225 in Littleborough.

Looking back to Littleborough from next footbridge R11.

Looking down from footbridge R11.

Looking back to footbridge R11.

Looking back, Ian Clarke in Metro Sprinter 158, going to his "Northern Soul" record shop in Manchester!

Final look back.

Looking back to first Smithy Bridge R12.

From same point as last image, looking down. Dropped Smithy Bridge R13 in distance. (honest!)

Dropped Smithy Bridge R13. Looking back at section where towpath deviated to side road.

Dropped Smithy Bridge R13.

Looking back at dropped Smithy Bridge R13.

Looking onwards from Smithy Bridge R13. (The last four images were taken from our February 2000 trip. )

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