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1999 / 2000 the complete un-restored Rochdale Tour - page 1

This  is a compilation of all Neil's visits to the un-opened section of the Rochdale Canal. It is believed to be up to date. (February 2000.)

The first un-restored lock above the "Rochdale Nine", Brownsfield Lock No83. Tarrif St. Bridge in background.

Looking up to Great Ancoats St. Bridge and Ancoats Lane Lock No82.

The upper gates of Brownsfield Lock No83 seem recent, but have trouble holding water. Alan and Neil have just skirted round a couple of drug addicts!

Brownsfield Lock No83, just above Tarrif St. Notice plastic sheeting on gates to help them hold water.

Great Ancoats St. Bridge, Ancoats Lane Lock No82 just underneath.

Ancoats Lane Lock No82 restored spring 1999.

Ancoats, Dawn St. footbridge, this section now dredged 5 - 6 feet.

Ancoats, concrete capping to canal removed and shallowed section returned to full navigable depth.

NW Union St. Bridge, Ancoats.


The new junction between shallowed section and restored section just above NW Union Street Bridge.

Looking down towards NW Union St. Bridge. (The factory to the left has now been demolished - 1999.)

Shallowed section through Miles Platting.

Looking back down to Ancoats.

Shallowed section through Miles Platting.

Butler St. Bridge.

Shallowed section, Lock No81 in distance under Rushworth St. Bridge. 

Lock No81.

Lock No81, looking up. Note psychedelic capping stones, will this feature be retained?

Lock No80, looking down.

Lock No80, looking up.

Miles Platting. Lock No79 in distance, from Lock No80. Mills beside Vickers St.

Miles Platting. Varley St. Bridge from Lock   No79.

Miles Platting, looking back, from Lock       No80.

Varley St. Bridge.

Looking back at Varley St. Bridge from Varley St. Lock No78.

Varley St. Lock No78.

This section above Lock No78 closed to the public and not shallowed.

Hume Hall Lane Bridge, Lock No77 in distance.

Lock No77.

Above Hume Hall Lane Bridge. Narrowed section, Miles Platting.

Looking back from under Miles Platting Railway Bridge.

Lock No76.

Looking up at Grimshaw Lane Bridge, from Lock No76.

Grimshaw Lane Bridge. cascaded Lock No75 in distance.

Looking back from lock No75.

Lock No75.

Lock No74 in distance.

Newton Heath Lock No74, still shallowed. Cascaded Lock No73 under bridge in distance.

Ten Acres Lane Bridge, Newton Heath.

Looking back at Ten Acres Lane Bridge from Lock No73.

Newton Heath, cascaded Lock No71.

Newton Heath cascaded Lock No71.

Newton Heath, still shallowed. Lock No70 believed lost in narrowing and gentle cascading

Newton Heath, Old Church St. Bridge in distance.

Re-built Old Church St. Bridge, Newton Heath. Cascaded Lock No69 just the other side.

Looking back at cascaded Lock No69 above Old Church St. Bridge, evidence of open market to  left can be seen in the still shallowed canal!

Telephoto shot looking back at Droylsden Road Bridge and Old Church St. Bridge.

Restored Tannersfield Lower Lock No68 below Poplar St. Bridge. Canal no longer shallowed.

Restored Lock No68. Note marks on wing walls from past cascading.

Restored Tannersfield Lower Lock No68, All racks removed to stop tampering. Poplar St. Bridge in distance.

Dropped Poplar St. Bridge.

Restored Tannersfield Middle Lock No67, just above Poplar St. Bridge.

Looking back at Poplar St. Bridge.

Restored Tannersfield Middle Lock No67.

Ridgefield St. Bridge.

Ridgefield St. Bridge and restored Tannersfield Upper Lock No66.

Restored Tannersfield Upper Lock No66.

Site of recently removed Haweswater Aqueduct crossing. Now laid beneath canal.

"Pifco" Mill and dropped Ashton Road West Bridge.

Tow path to left, Failsworth Shopping Centre in front, built on line of canal. Mainly consists of "Food Giant" supermarket.

Canal disappears in culvert under supermarket and car park.

Back of supermarket, line of canal believed to be in depression to right.

Canal now appears just before refurbished and opened up A620 Oldham Road Bridge.

Restored Oldham Road Bridge, it was piped through this, to just upstream.

1980's restored Failsworth Lock No65, just above Oldham Road Bridge. Bridge in front of lock believed to be George St. Bridge. Failsworth Railway Bridge in background.

Restored Failsworth Lock No65. Failsworth Railway bridge in background.

Restored Failsworth Lock No65, an example of  what happens if not used afterwards. Gates have dried out and strap removed by vandals on L/H gate.

Footbridge near football pitch. Canal no longer shallowed. (well not intentionally!)

Looking back from football pitch footbridge.

New bridge for re-sited Hollingwood Avenue, A6104.

Looking back at new A6104 bridge.

Looking up at M66 / 60 "tunnel".

Looking back from top of  M66 / 60 Bridge.

First navigators? through M66 / 60 "tunnel", opt for paddling rather than legging.

Looking up from M66 / 60.

Looking back from new A663 Broadway Bridge.

Looking up through A663 Bridge.

Looking back to A663 Bridge from temporary construction bund , yet to be removed.

Looking up from A663 bridge.

Site of demolished Chadderton Power Station to left. One of the removed dropped bridges to the power station can be seem marked by lighter bit of towpath.

New Oldham Broadway Bridge to new Oldham Broadway Business Park.


Looking up to Middleton Junction.

Dropped Foxdenton Lane Swing Bridge at Middleton Junction.

Foxdenton Lane "swing" Bridge, Chadderton. False hopes when it was closed in July 1999, they we simply patching up the dropped bridge!

Off line basin to east, this was the  branch that never got to Oldham.

Lock No64, Chadderton. Telephoto shot from Foxdenton Lane Bridge.

Lock No 64. 

Lock No 64, semi restored, upper gates were intact, holding water and believed to be original

Lock No 64, just above Foxdenton Lane Swing Bridge.

Replaced footbridge above Middleton Junction.

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