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Peter Wright's "President" Images


The guy in the water is Peter Willey, at that time deputy station master (in effect - the title was different) at Newcastle Central.  Had a brother who was an engine driver on the Ravenglass and Eskdale.  A noddyboat had been insufficiently impressed by President's whistle while going through abridge 'ole, so that Terry, steering, had to do an emergency stop. This was achieved by wrapping the 100 foot towline of Northwich, which Peter Willey was steering,  round President's prop. Some of it stayed there till removed in Stoke Bruerne top lock the following year.

Peter Wright, the engine man. At Cowley Lock.

Left is Terry, a young lad who had worked for some years for Malcolm Braine - this was his first actual boat trip. Centre is Bryan Marsh, who introduced Peter Wright to the cut. (Previously a climbing instructor in Ambleside.  After his cut years drove a 70 seater trip boat on Lake Windermere - he let Peter Wright have a go once.  Now retired and apparently does his boating by hiring a fishing boat in the Western Isles.)   Right is Nick Bostock. The date is September 1981. The trip was Stoke Bruerne to Godalming and back. Peter Wright did one way only. Picture again in Cowley Lock.

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