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Barge Maurice A 

Battery boxes under construction.

Img_8277.jpg (127801 bytes)

Img_8279.jpg (153007 bytes)


Crowther 22 x 13 prop.

Img_8747.jpg (128030 bytes)


Start of wheel house construction by Andrew Hooke / Woodworks (who fitted NB Earnest)

Img_8748.jpg (151533 bytes)

Img_8751.jpg (143262 bytes)
Raw sapele planks.

Wheelhouse, November 2010

Img_9061.jpg (141825 bytes)

Img_9062.jpg (164713 bytes)
Extra rain/wind seals added.

Img_9063.jpg (138685 bytes)

Img_9064.jpg (142015 bytes)

Img_9065.jpg (141765 bytes)
Tops of side and rear doors.

Img_9066.jpg (84686 bytes)

Img_9067.jpg (194516 bytes)
Wheelhouse is being kept square on upstand clone frame.
Glazing fitted from inside of frame - will be double glazed, 6mm toughened / 6mm gap / 4mm toughened.

Img_9068.jpg (97866 bytes)
Rear corner 

Img_9071.jpg (158455 bytes)

Img_9072.jpg (133005 bytes)
Drop on hinges and roof section clamps.


Andrew Hooke / Woodworks wheel house fitting - 09-16 / 12 / 2010

Img_9115.jpg (139927 bytes)
Neill Barnaby's windows. Drip rail being bonded to roof sections. MA's Beta 75 in distance, on pallet. MA's Beta 75 hospital silencer.

Img_9128.jpg (93784 bytes)
Upstand primed and glossed. Work about to commence. Note the PINK undercoat!

Img_9150.jpg (95534 bytes)

Img_9153.jpg (99457 bytes)
The front drop down screen glazing bars*do* line up with the mushroom vents (will have gas lifters and buffers)

Img_9154.jpg (100712 bytes)
Shaun and Andrew.

Img_9162.jpg (109394 bytes)
Top shuts biscuited and glued to top door shuts. Sills added last.

Img_9163.jpg (106201 bytes)
Andrew and Shaun.

Img_9164.jpg (120179 bytes)

Img_9165.jpg (138414 bytes)

Img_9166.jpg (121828 bytes)
Door bottoms panelled both sides.

Img_9167.jpg (95612 bytes)

Img_9169.jpg (107666 bytes)

Img_9170.jpg (109412 bytes)

Img_9171.jpg (109458 bytes)

Img_9172.jpg (113276 bytes)

Img_9173.jpg (95446 bytes)

Img_9175.jpg (103113 bytes)

Img_9176.jpg (103185 bytes)

Img_9177.jpg (77846 bytes)

Img_9178.jpg (100840 bytes)

Img_9179.jpg (108358 bytes)

Img_9180.jpg (105690 bytes)

Img_9186.jpg (81596 bytes)
Sills added. Final basecoat, top coat and sealer will be added after barge is pained and finished.

Img_9187.jpg (91169 bytes)
Sills added.


06:00am 12/12/2010 - early start!

Img_9181.jpg (78106 bytes)
06:00am 12/12/2010 - early start!

Img_9182.jpg (71168 bytes)
06:00am 12/12/2010 - early start!


New large trailer 12/12/2010

Img_9109.jpg (129895 bytes)
New large trailer 12/12/2010

Img_9110.jpg (126651 bytes)
New large trailer 12/12/2010 (note spray foam plant in background)

Img_9113.jpg (129433 bytes)
New large trailer 12/12/2010

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